Student Group Policy

Please READ these terms of participation carefully.

Your membership in Ahhh University’s private, student-only group is your agreement to the following policies. These policies are in place to protect the privacy of other students, the value and streamlined focus of all students’ outcomes, and AhhhU’s copyrighted materials and content.

The AhhhU Student Group is a free bonus to students and is not part of the course. It’s not required to participate in the group, but if you do, it is required that you follow the group policy. Ahhh Lifestyle LLC (dba Ahhh University and AhhhU) reserves the right to remove any student from the group or remove posts/comments by students who do not comply with the group policies.

NO SELF PROMOTION, SOLICITATION, or AFFILIATE LINKS are permitted within the community group and anyone doing so will be removed from the group without notice. If someone within the group contacts you to buy directly (or subtly indirectly) any product or service in any manner, contact: [email protected]

If you have a product/service you sell or give away that you think would benefit the group, contact me *before* posting your link. If it is complementary to what I teach, I may consider having it posted to the group. There are no guarantees.

SELF PROMOTION CAN BE DEFINED AS any of the following within posts or comments but is not limited to: email freebie, email address, an image with a business name or website on it, asking for feedback on your website or a project you are working on, asking someone to PM you, your blog post, your guest blog post, your products/services, your website, when you are broadcasting live, business hashtags, affiliate links, another group or page, private messaging links/ads, etc. If you aren't sure why your post was removed or you have any questions regarding whether a post is appropriate and within the group policies, please email:[email protected]

IF YOU ARE A COACH, MENTOR, SELL OR ARE A REPRESENTATIVE OF ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE WHETHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY:  Your profile photo (social media or otherwise used within the group) and timeline cover photo may not include any reference to what you sell or represent. This includes before/after photos, logos, URLs, or product/service information. This is not the group for blatant or subtle prospecting. There are plenty of groups out there that allow it. If it is your intent to do so, this is not the group for you.

NO COACHING. Do not coach the group. This group will be focused on the lesson content in the course. No other ‘coaching’ is permitted.

WEIGHT LOSS POSTS/COMMENTS. The educational material at Ahhh University is not about dieting or losing weight even though it can complement any program you are on or plan to use in the future. Please do not post anything about weight loss or any program or weight loss strategy in the group.

DO NOT POST IRRELEVANT CONTENT including spam, chain letters, religious or political-related content.

PARTICIPATE & BE KIND. This is a safe place for all. Judgmental remarks are not acceptable. Lift each other up. Participate often by commenting, liking, and post uplifting content or questions. Love on one another.

PRIVACY: This is a ‘closed’ group to keep students' posts/comments private. Please respect everyone’s privacy. Do not share outside of the group what you see in the group.

COPYRIGHTS: All of the materials/content within this group, course, and the website are copyrighted by Ahhhh Lifestyle LLC (dba Ahhh University and AhhhU). Ahhh Lifestyle LLC has legally licensed or has permission from a company or professional that owns the copyrights to third-party materials. Redistribution or sharing of any content within this group is prohibited.

DISCLAIMER: This group, the courses, and workshops, my private one-to-one coaching or group coaching are not substitutes for a health care professional, physician, nutritionist, dietitian, or therapist. Always check with your primary care physician before making changes to your health routine. Your use of AhhhU’s social media groups is your agreement with all policies and disclaimers. Group policies are subject to change. 




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