About Ahhh University and Susan Milligan

Ahhh University is the online course division of AHHH Lifestyle LLC. AhhhU is owned and operated by Susan Milligan, Certified Mind-Body-Food Relationship Practitioner.

AhhhU was founded in 2017 as a source of education for people who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, cravings, body image/shame, low self-esteem, digestive concerns, fatigue and mood as it all relates to their personal mind-body-food relationship.

Susan Milligan's educational background and certifications include:

- Eating Psychology
- Positive Psychology and Mind-Body Connection based in Functional Medicine
- Health Coaching
- Intuitive Eating
- Heart Coherence using HeartMath technology
- Business Management, Business Administration and Online Marketing

For more than 30 years Susan has studied and successfully integrated her education into her personal, spiritual and professional life as a means to not only evolve her own wellbeing but be a passionate, diversified coach for her clients.

Susan is also an ordained minister, spiritual mentor, personal development coach, published author and Founder of Ahhh University.

Continuing education is important to Susan. She is currently a holistic student studying as a Master NLP Practitioner with a certificate in hypnotherapy and is a doctoral candidate in Metaphysical Psychology & Science.

Business Experience

11 years in health and business coaching
27 years as a personal development and spiritual coach
21 years in business administration and management with a major corporation
18 years as a full-time self employed entrepreneur 
21 years in online marketing and web design


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