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Ahhh University is your source for learning metaskills using metatools that help smooth out the sharp edges of the life lessons we all need to learn -  sooner or later.

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Your One-Word Intention Micro-Course

Learn how to effectively choose and apply a One-Word Intention to transform your life. This is a metaskill using metatools that you can use over and over again for the rest of your life.

What is a One-Word Intention? Why Use It?

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the previous year and create personal intentions of what we want to create in the coming year. Choose just one word that best describes what you want to create. Although it is tempting to want to choose a phrase, trust me, it will serve you more fully when you narrow it down to one word. In this case, more is not better.

Why choose one word?

Most people create a long list of resolutions and never stick with them. Within a few months, their list is forgotten. However, choosing one word and incorporating it into ALL areas of our life every day for a full year, works incredibly well for many. If ‘intention’ doesn’t feel right to you, then consider it a theme you will follow throughout the year. I have personally done this every year since I discovered the process.

For example, my word in 2011 was ‘move’. Here is what this means to me and how it covered many areas in my life: Move my body, move my mind, move forward on personal goals, move into and beyond my dreams, move out things not working, move relationships closer, move projects to completion, move closer to God/source and move to a warmer climate. Most if not all were actualized.

Remember the mantra, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This is a quote from one of my leadership mentors. It is no accident that the words I’ve chosen over the years have played a significant role in many areas of my life: mind, body, spirit, emotion, relationships, family, friends, finances, community, etc.

To begin your own journey on this path:

First, reflect without judgment upon the past year. What worked well? Ask yourself, "Where can I make improvements?" ... "What do I really want?" ... "WHY do I want it?"

Be realistic when you choose your word. You want to set yourself up for success by stretching yourself enough to allow for personal growth. However, be careful not to overdo it or you could sabotage yourself before you even get started. A confused mind tends to do nothing.

I highly recommend choosing a one-word intention and going through this exercise every year. It will help you connect your mind, body, and spirit in all areas of your life. You’ll be amazed at how your life will change over a year.

To help cultivate your own ideas, here are my words over the years. The key is to be sure that your word has meaning for you. The more meaning it has for you, the stronger your desire will be to cultivate and move through your Divine Intention in multiple areas of your life regardless of the chatter going on around you.

Super, duper important to remember:  What you focus on will grow - every single time. Focus on distractions, and you'll attract to you more distractions that will take you further away from what you 'said' you wanted. The result we create or don't create is evidence of our focus and what we really wanted. You see ... When we choose a distraction over what we said we wanted, what we really wanted was to indulge in distractions so we wouldn't have to feel the discomfort of the action we need to take to create something new. We cannot have anything new in our life without changing something. If that weren't true, we'd already have what we want, right? ... The sooner we accept this the sooner we can create something new. 

Focus on one word to keep yourself moving toward what you want, and you'll attract the embodiment of it. You will BEcome it.

2021 META
2020 rhino
2019 clarity
2018 streamline
2017 blossom
2016 natural
2015 delight
2014 relationships
2013 focus
2012 authenticity
2011 move
2010 compassion
2009 experiential
2008 explore
2007 health
2006 grow
2005 grounded
2004 speed
2003 learn
2002 responsible
2001 build
2000 entrepreneurship
1999 courage
1998 thankful
1997 trust
1996 present

This is not just a 'new year' decision. You can decide at any time during the year to start using this concept to improve your life.

Regarding the Word "Divine"

Be aware that your definition of the word "Divine" may stop you from utilizing this exercise. Here's how I define it and how it is intended.

Divine Intention is the ability for humans to be conscious of and embody a word as a catalyst to change their life. That truly is a gift from the Divine that no other species on Earth has been granted. When you decide to BEcome (embody) a word to shift everything related to your mind, body and spirit that is a gift from the Divine too.

It means nothing other than that so applying any other meaning to it may be a limiting belief that you are consciously or unconsciously embodying and could be a permanent (or temporary - you decide) obstacle to your personal growth.

Each of us on planet Earth is here to teach the world something, and we do that by how we choose to show up. You have value and are here for a purpose, or you wouldn't be on this physical planet. Remember, YOU are Love(d).

Update 12/31/2020

Certainly no one expected the events of 2020, but the question is to what degree did you allow those events to distract you from your one-word intention?   

You see, it is easy to stay focused on your word when everything is in flow. It is much harder --- which is the catalyst to experiential growth and transformation -- when things bubble up that we didn't expect and you stay focused through them. Staying focused on your word is the answer to nearly anything you are faced with in life.

How did I do, you ask? I slipped and stumbled and did some side-winding and then realized that BEing the energy of a RHINO through it all was the answer. It is easy to allow ourselves to become distracted, but distraction is NOT the answer you seek.

My 2021 one-word divine intention is "META" ... Meta means "beyond." Don't allow a simple (but not easy) word to scare you. It is not what most people "think" and the story they tell themselves about it. An example of meta would be to learn to observe yourself thinking and then intentionally meta-thinking about what you observed without judging it. The human race is the only species on the planet that has this ability, and that ability is a gift from the Divine. Appreciate the gift and use it. 

Meta is in alignment with AhhhU's core values and mission statement. Ahhh University is a non-traditional school which teaches metaskills using metatools to smooth out the sharp edges of the life lessons we all need to learn. Because, well ... these skills are not taught in traditional schools!

In 2019 my word was clarity. I needed to get really clear with what I wanted to create in the next decade in all areas of my life. In 2020 my word was rhino. Rhino energy is remarkable (read the next section for a detailed explanation). Embodying (BEcoming) rhino energy was the catalyst to a blinding flash of obvious for me. I had to bring into reality my dreams for the future by BEcoming the person who would create a school like AhhhU and the timing was now.

2020 sent a clear message to the world if you were consciously paying attention and not allowing yourself to be distracted. The message is, "BE who you want to BE now and light multiple paths so brightly so that others can find their own way on their own path." I've got so much more to say about what 2020 taught me, but that is or another time. I'd like to invite you to follow me, Susan (Abrams) Milligan and Ahhh University on Facebook and Instagram.

Update 12/31/2019 

My 2019 word was “Clarity.”  Clarity in all areas of my life to prepare me for the next decade and beyond. I wanted to be crystal clear with my intention about what I wanted my life to look like moving into the year of 20/20 vision. So that I can BEcome the highest version of myself. (Reference my book, “BEing Spiritually Intelligent”)

My 2020 One-Word Divine Intention is a noun! It is the first time I’ve used a noun as my word since I started keeping track of my annual word in 1996. My word is an animal, RHINO, and is symbolic of the characteristics I will embody in all areas of my life for the next decade and beyond. 

RHINOS are symbols of unconventional behavior, steadiness, independence, agility, substance, stamina, solidly grounded, heightened senses, and explosive power. Yet the rhino is gentle, peaceful, and sure-footed. The RHINO knows what she wants in life and how to get it.

Update 1/28/2019

I am beyond excited that this concept is taking flight around the globe. I knew that if enough people BEcome their intention, that over time a paradigm shift will happen. It feels to me that 2019 (my year of preparation: clarity) is preparing more people other than just me for the year of clear vision: 2020. MyIntent.org is helping to spread the word about the one-word embodiment. This makes my heart sing! 

Update 12/30/18

2019 is a preparative year for me as I step into 2020, the year of clear vision. I already know my word for 2020 and in order for me to embody it, I desire to have a clearer vision of my life in the next decade. It's so very exciting!!!

Enrollment in AhhhU's first micro-course, "Your One-Word Intention" will be available in January 2021.  If you would like to be notified when it is available or receive additional information, join the AhhhU waitlist. Class size is limited. People on the waitlist will have the first opportunity to enroll. 

Hey there! I'm Susan Milligan, Founder and Educator at AhhhU

My life mission is to help people get what they want in any area of their life. That's not just a cute slogan. I really mean it, and I've done it for decades.

To do that we have to explore WHAT you want and WHY you want it. Then learn to become consciously aware of your thoughts and intentionally create new thoughts that serve you. What most people don't know but YOU will soon experience, is your thoughts create the results you see in life every single time.

Look, you probably think you know how to do this already, but if you really did,  you would already have what you want.

Here's just one of hundreds of metaskills I teach that you didn't learn in school ...

You CAN have anything you want in life. You just need to know how to consciously and intentionally go get it.

See you in class!


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