A fictional story. Or is it? You decide. 🤔

storytime Apr 26, 2020
God looked upon the earth and said, "Humans are moving too far away from their purpose.
They don’t seem to be understanding and teaching their children the importance of love, compassion, kindness, sharing and assisting one another.
Let’s send them a pandemic like they have never seen and cannot see so that they will learn experientially that ...
They must work together for the greater good of all mankind in order to survive.
This pandemic must be so powerful that they will learn that survival requires the cooperation of everyone.
This pandemic will teach them how the actions of one will affect the whole.
This pandemic will show them the weaknesses in their worldwide systems, and they can clearly see that each system must connect with the other so everyone has enough resources to live a thriving life while taking care of the beautiful blue and green planet I created for them.
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One-Word Intention for the New Year

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the previous year and create personal intentions of what we want to create in the coming year. Choose just one word that best describes what you want to create. Although it is tempting to want to choose a phrase, trust me, it will serve you more fully when you narrow it down to one word.

Why choose one word? Most people create a long list of resolutions and never stick with them. Within a few months their list is forgotten. However, choosing one word and incorporating it into ALL areas of our life every day for a full year, works incredibly well for many. If ‘intention’ doesn’t feel right to you, then consider it a theme you will follow throughout the year. I have personally done this every year since I was first given the idea.

For example, my word in 2011 was ‘move’. What this means to me and how it covered many areas in my life: Move my body, move my mind, move forward on personal goals, move into and...

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