Making Peace with You, Life & Food

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"Making Peace with You, Life & Food" is a self-paced course. It is 'not' about weight loss or dieting. However, the course is complimentary to any program you may be doing now or in the future. It raises awareness around the mental and emotional aspects of life. How you digest your thoughts and emotions is how you digest life. The introductory lesson in the course provides tips on how to get the most from the course, how to organize the content and includes a downloadable course outline for students' reference.

8 Modules & 25+ Lessons

Over 25 HD-quality video lessons within 8 easy-to-follow and understand modules that create  transformation for students. 

Printable Downloads

Download, print and work with fun worksheets, checklists, quick reference sheet, inspirational sheets, tip sheets, ahhh journaling pages and more. All downloads are in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to open PDFs.

Resource Library & Events

Students have access to a recommended resources library, live Q&A sessions, self-assessments and quizzes for retention and comprehension purposes. 

🎁 Student Bonuses & Perks

Students who decide to level up their commitment in shifting their perspective have the option to access a private community group. It's not a requirement to join the group but following the group policy is required. Other bonuses include lessons relevant to effectively handling holidays, special occasions and difficult circumstances. Students also receive discounts on future courses, group coaching, one-to-one coaching and other services.

Module 1:  Preparing Your Foundation

Your body provides clues all the time through the emotions you feel. In the first module students learn about living in the past and how thoughts + beliefs = emotions. The lessons in this module raise awareness about where you might get stuck and discusses what your body may be attempting to communicate to you through your emotions. It all starts with our thoughts and that's where the course begins. 

Module 2:  Making Your Foundation Real

In this module you will find out why you really want what you want so that you can make it real and create a stable foundation for sustainability. Overcoming distractions and getting off the path are discussed further, as well as exercises explored to help you determine your life purpose.

Module 3:  Your Unshakable Foundation

In this module you'll learn how to take steps in redesigning your life to match your most authentic self. You'll also learn how to improve challenges and be happier using an unusual technique. In addition, you’ll explore creative visualization to power your life with passion by leaning the difference between being 'in your body' and being 'out' and how they both affect you. Not only is this module fun, but it is free-ing!

Module 4:  Eating Has a Psychology of Its Own

Now that you've prepared and strengthened your foundation, it's time to go deeper, higher and wider. This module is power packed: emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, raises your awareness that you have two brains (one in your head and one within your digestive system) that are connected. You'll learn how undigested emotions can and often create digestive issues. You’ll learn what your body may be telling you when you crave sugar as well as how self-sabotage occurs.

Module 5: Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating & Body Intuition

This module discusses the differences between mindful eating, intuitive eating and body intuition using a side-by-side comparison chart. You’ll learn who each of these modalities work for, when and why. You will also learn how to practice mindful eating step-by-step which is the first step as you move toward body intuition (also known as body communication).

Module 6:  How to Eat

Learn about SAD (Standard American Diet) and its effect on your health. You'll also re-learn how to eat with the technique of 'slow and savor', bringing mindful eating into your eating process. You'll also learn about the 'new' health strategy (self-care practices). We bust through some food myths and raise awareness around what the food industry doesn't want you to know. When you know better, you do better. 

Module 7:  What You Think of Yourself Matters

In this module you will learn the difference between body image and body shame as well as how to non-judgmentally recognize it in yourself and others. It also walks you through improving your body image while letting go of body shame in a way that you may have never heard of before or even thought possible. In addition, compulsive weighing is discussed with a strategy you can use to move through and beyond the emotions caused by obsessing about the bathroom scale.

Module 8:  Stressing Out is Like Bleeding Out

In this module you will learn how anxiety, worry and stress affects your overall wellbeing and non-caloric weight gain. It discusses the new sustainable form of exercise which is now ‘pleasurable movement.'  In addition, it discusses how some some people falsely rely on over-exercising as a ‘fix’ for overeating. Plus, you’ll learn the mind-body connection as it relates to fatigue and mood.

Enrollment Re-Opens in 2020


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