Learn the life lessons you didn't learn in school, because ...


Ahhh University is your source for learning metaskills using metatools that help smooth out the sharp edges of the life lessons we all need to learn -  sooner or later.

Enrollment opens in January 2021. Class size is limited. People on the waitlist will have the first opportunity to enroll. 

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The First 3 Micro Courses at AhhhU

One-Word Intention

Learn how to effectively choose and apply a One-Word Intention to transform your life. This is a metaskill using metatools that you can repeatedly use for the rest of your life.


To Be Announced
Join the Waitlist!


To Be Announced
Join the Waitlist!

Hey there! I'm Susan Milligan, Founder and Educator at AhhhU ... 

My life mission is to help people get what they want in any area of their life. That's not just a cute slogan. I really mean it, and I've done it for decades.

To do that we have to explore WHAT you want and WHY you want it. Then learn to become consciously aware of your thoughts and intentionally create new thoughts that serve you. What most people don't know but YOU will soon experience, is your thoughts create the results you see in life every single time.

Look, you probably think you know how to do this already, but if you really did,  you would already have what you want.

Here's just one of hundreds of metaskills I teach that you didn't learn in school ...

You CAN have anything you want in life. You just need to know how to consciously and intentionally go get it.

See you in class!


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